In this article, we will discuss 15 cheap all-inclusive Caribbean vacations. To skip the detailed analysis of the Caribbean tourism sector, the global outdoor vacation market, and its related components, go directly to the 5 Cheap Caribbean Vacations All-Inclusive.

Caribbean Tourism Sector

The Caribbean is a region located near the Caribbean sea and the North Atlantic ocean. It is one of the most important travel destinations around the globe. According to the World Bank, a third to half of the GDP of this region is dependent upon the travel and tourism industry.

In 1970, the number of tourists traveling to the Caribbean region was 4 million, which has now reached around 26 million per year. Moreover, approximately 12% of the direct employment and 20% of the indirect employment of the region is credited to the outdoor travel and tourism industry.

The Caribbean islands are usually considered luxury vacation spots. However, there are several resorts and hotels that offer cheap all-inclusive packages. Furthermore, during the low travel season (usually during monsoons), Caribbean hotels and resorts offer lodging at significantly cheaper rates than during the high travel season.

The Global Vacation Market

According to Allied Market Research, the global outdoor vacation market is expected to grow from $500 billion to $3.3 trillion between 2021 and 2030 at a CAGR of 16.2%. COVID-19 was one of the biggest hurdles that the industry faced in recent times and now as travel restrictions ease up, the industry is expected to boom. The outdoor travel industry isn’t a stand-alone sector but it also affects several other segments in its boom and bust times. However, the sectors most affected by the outdoor travel industry are the travel and hospitality industries.

Travel Industry Analysis and Outlook

The travel industry has gradually become one of the biggest industries in the world, especially after the advent of commercial air travel after World War II. Before the pandemic, international travelers added $640 million daily to the US economy alone and accounted for 2.9% of the country’s GDP. However, as the pandemic took over the world, the lockdowns and travel restrictions caused the travel and tourism industry to lose $4.5 trillion in GDP and approximately 62 million people lost their jobs.

After the slowdown in the travel industry in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is expected to make a comeback with a boom as travel restrictions ease. According to a McKinsey survey made during the pandemic, after dining out, traveling was the second most important thing that people yearned for. In 2021, global travel and tourism were responsible for $5.8 billion of the global GDP with Japan, the US, and Spain topping the charts in the Travel & Tourism Development Index. Later on, in 2022, international travel reached 63% of pre-pandemic levels with 900 million tourists which was twice as much as the prior year. Moreover, according to United Nations World Tourism Organization, it could reach around 80% to 95% in 2023. Nevertheless, with rising inflation, the recovery of the travel and tourism industry might still be a little slower.

Booking Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ:BKNG), Expedia Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:EXPE), and Carnival Corporation & plc (NYSE:CCL) are some travel and tourism stocks worth looking into.

Hospitality Industry Analysis and Outlook

The hospitality industry contains a large number of smaller segments. However, its main components include lodging, food, and beverage services. The lodging segment isn’t just limited to rooms but also other services including entertainment, recreation activities, in-house bars, etc.

Just like the travel industry, the hospitality industry also faced hurdles during the pandemic. However, the industry is on road to recovery since 2022. The hotel and resort sector reached its highest point in 2019 with a market size of over $1.5 trillion and suddenly dropped to $930 billion and $720 billion in 2020 and 2021, respectively. In 2022, the sector started to make its way back with a market size of $1.06 trillion.

Despite the healthy recovery of the hospitality industry in 2022, the profit margins are still expected to be lower than the pre-pandemic levels due to increased inflation and labor costs and are expected to reach pre-pandemic levels by 2025.

According to Market Data Forecast, the hospitality market is expected to grow from $4.1 trillion in 2022 to $9.95 trillion by 2028, marking a CAGR of 16.13%.

Some of the most renowned hospitality companies include Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc. (NYSE:HLT), Marriott International, Inc. (NASDAQ:MAR), and Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, Inc. (NYSE:WH).

15 Cheap Caribbean Vacations All-Inclusive


Our Methodology

We collected the data on all-inclusive lodging available in several Caribbean vacation spots between March and April through Trip Advisor and Expedia and chose the cheapest options we could find. We listed the destinations in descending order according to the price of each spot’s cheapest all-inclusive package.

All of these spots are some of the top Caribbean travel destinations and see a significant number of tourists each year and produce a notable amount of GDP to their respective countries. We also added the high and low travel season months for each of these destinations so the readers could make their choices accordingly.

Cheap Caribbean Vacations All-Inclusive

15. Saint Lucia

Cheapest Option: $350

High travel season: March – May

Low travel season: September – November

Saint Lucia is a popular Caribbean island and has been winning the award for the World’s Leading Honeymoon Destination by World Travel Awards since 2018. The island was one of the top 5 in the report by the UN on countries reviving tourism. Furthermore, in 2022, US tourists accounted for 56.2% of total stayover arrivals, nearly 45,400 tourists.

When visitors go to St. Lucia for its World Heritage site of Pitons, Sulphur Springs, or the many nature adventures, many opt for cheap Caribbean vacations all inclusive. Starting from $350, Bel Jou Hotel, Bay Gardens Hotel, and Starfish St. Lucia offer value for money when it comes to their all-inclusive packages.

14. St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Cheapest Option: $330

High travel season: December – February

Low travel season: June – August

St. Vincent and the Grenadines is a collection of islands, the main island of St. Vincent and the 32 smaller islands of Grenadines are located south of it. The chain of islands invites throngs of tourists as it is dotted with an active volcano, rainforests, diving spots, and other landscape types. The waters around the islands are popular with cruise ships and yachts.

According to the travel rankings by U.S. News & World Report, St. Vincent and the Grenadines is ranked as the third best Caribbean Honeymoons (destination) and came in fifth in the Best Places to Visit ranking in May 2023. Visitors looking for the cheapest all-inclusive package will be happy with Young Island Resort’s package which is north of $330 per night. Young’s Island Resort is privately held by Vidal Browne and Sir Frederick Ballantyne. However, it was developed by Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc. (NYSE:HLT).

13. Bonaire

Cheapest Option: $288

High travel season: March – May

Low travel season: June – August

Bonaire, the B in the ABC islands, is a Caribbean public body, part of the Netherlands. The island’s economy is mainly dependent on tourism. From July 2022, the government placed a $75 visitor entry tax to support and further tourism initiatives, education, sustainability efforts, and more.

Bonaire is famous in the diving world as it boasts 85 diving sites which can be accessed throughout the year as the climate remains warm throughout the year. Visitors who wish to enjoy water sports and other activities while opting for an all-inclusive package can check out Divi Flamingo Beach Resort & Casino and the prices start from $288. Guests are offered access to snorkels, masks, pools, events, activities, and more. For water enthusiasts, the resort offers diving classes and certifications. 

12. The Bahamas

Cheapest Option: $280

High travel season: March – May

Low travel season: September – November

The Bahamas is part of an archipelago and is made up of around 700 coral islands. The country’s economy is heavily reliant on tourism; according to the International Trade Administration, tourism and services are responsible for 70% of the Bahamas’ GDP, and half of the workforce of the island is involved in the sector. Furthermore, it is one of the richest countries among the Caribbean islands, hence its dollar is equivalent to 1 USD.

All-inclusive packages are opted by many tourists, whether they are visiting the islands to see the famous Pig Beach, swimming with nurse sharks, and more. Upon our search, the best options for cheap Caribbean vacations all-inclusive in the Bahamas are offered at Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach – All-Inclusive Resort, Warwick Paradise Island – Bahamas, and Lighthouse Pointe at Grand Lucayan Resort – All Inclusive, all for $280 or above.

11. Barbados

Cheapest Option: $250

High travel season: March – May

Low travel season: September – November

Barbados is famous among tourists for its many activities like swimming with turtles, horse racing, fishing, and much more. The countless food, historical, and nature tours throughout the year promotes tourism in the island country. Accordingly, it took a spot in the top five Atlantic and Caribean islands ranked by the 2022 Condé Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards.

Despite being a top vacation spot, Barbados has plenty of options for visitors looking for all-inclusive holidays. Starting from around $250, quality yet cheap packages can be found at Sugar Bay Barbados, Island Inn Hotel All-Inclusive, and Savannah Beach Club Hotel & Spa.

10. U.S. Virgin Islands

Cheapest Option: $240

High travel season: December – February

Low travel season: September – November

The Virgin Islands of the United States is one of the favorite Caribbean islands for the citizens of the U.S. as there is no passport required for them. The islands snagged the top 5 positions in various categories by the U.S. News & World Report; it took the first place in the rankings for Best Places to Visit in December 2023 and Best Family Vacations in the Caribbean. It came in second in the category of Best Caribbean Beaches and fifth in Best Cheap Caribbean Vacations.

U.S. Virgin Islands recorded 1,821,251 visitor arrivals YTD which included 800,069 visitors by air and 1,021,182 by cruises. Tourists take advantage of the all-inclusive packages that can be availed for $240 and above and are offered by resorts like Emerald Beach Resort and Bolongo Bay Beach Resort.

9. Curaçao

Cheapest Option: $219

High travel season: March – May

Low travel season: September – Nov

The country of Curaçao is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and is slowly becoming a popular tourist destination because of its pristine beaches, low crime rate, diving spots, and various ethnic experiences. The C in the famous ABC islands stands for Curaçao. The island has hosted 48,042 stayover arrivals year to date in January 2023 while the number of cruises YTD that the island has seen is 107,699.

The island sees a high tourist influx between the months of March and May. According to our research, Renaissance Wind Creek Curacao Resort and Kunuku Resort (owned by Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, Inc. (NYSE:WH)), are the cheapest all-inclusive lodging option at around $219 and $225, respectively.

8. Guadeloupe

Cheapest Option: $210

High travel season: March – May

Low travel season: September – November

Guadeloupe is made up of four islands and belongs to the European part of France. The island is reliant as much on tourism as it is on the export of bananas, sugar, and rum. In 2021, tourism and travel contributed 5.2% or $528.2  million to the total GDP of the Caribbean island.

The all-inclusive packages available at the Langley Resort Fort Royal and Hotel Fleur d’Epee are suitable as they come within the range of $210 – $240 and are located at prime locations.

7. Trinidad and Tobago

Cheapest Option: $200

High travel season: December – February

Low travel season: June – August

The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is comprised of the main islands and other small-scale islands. It is one of the most prosperous countries in the Caribbean with one of the largest economies in the region. Many tourists prefer these islands over the rest as they offer a boisterous environment of carnivals and the peace of nature in its many beaches, mountains, and forests.

Trinidad and Tobago is an ideal vacation spot as there are many resorts and hotels that offer all-inclusive packages. Based on our research, the cheapest all-inclusive in Trinidad and Tobago starts at approximately $200 and Starfish Tobago Resort and Grafton Beach Resort fit the bill of economical all-inclusive holidays.

6. Saint Martin

Cheapest Option: $200

High travel season: December – February

Low travel season: September – November

Saint Martin is a unique island in the Caribbean as it is controlled by two governments, the French and Dutch. The French side of the island is named Saint-Martin while the Dutch part is known as Sint Maarten. The spirit of “two nations, one land” is evident on both parts of the island, a fact that fuels a major part of tourism.

Sailing and yachting are famous amongst visitors while Orient Bay and Cupecoy Beach see masses of tourists. The island came in fifth in the ranking for Best Family Vacations in the Caribbean by the U.S. News & World Report.

Upon research, we found various all-inclusive packages within the range of $200 – $500. Divi Little Bay Beach Resort, Princess Heights Hotel, and Sonesta Maho Beach Resort, Casino & Spa top the list of packages based on ratings found for them on Tripadvisor.


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