Even though Natural Bridge Caverns has been around for several decades, new parts of cave still being discovered.

SAN ANTONIO — Looking for a way to beat this scorching heat? Natural Bridge Caverns has a brand new tour that was uncovered by St. Mary’s students. In fact, despite being around for several decades, new parts of cave is still being discovered at Natural Bridge Caverns.

Vice President and co-owner Travis Wuest says this brand new experience offers adventure unlike anything else.

“We just opened a new never before seen section of the cave here for an adventure tour called St. Mary’s Hall and it’s the St. Mary’s adventure tour,” Wuest said. “So, folks are going to step into some wild sections of the cave — there are no trails, no lights. We’re going to provide some caving gear, helmets, harnesses, lights and they’re even going to get to use some of the single roping techniques that some of our caving team even uses while discovering new passages here at the Natural Bridge Caverns.  

If you decide to put on your brave boots and go on the adventure tour, here’s what you can expect.

“You’re going to be in some cases climbing, crawling and traversing over pits and using some ropes and harnesses, as well as a caving helmet and light,” Wuest says. “Our knowledgeable guides are going to lead you through and you’ll learn about the cave and some of the history and geology of the caverns as well. You’re going to get muddy and dirty and it’s going to be a lot of fun.”

For the St. Mary’s tour, the equipment is already provided and a tour guide will be guiding you through the two hour long adventure tour but with all things fun, there is something to keep in mind.

“Safety’s most important. So, we always tell peoples it’s rules of three. Take three sources of light. Your helmet will have a light on it and you’ll have three backup sources of light as well. You’re going to take three people and you’re going to tell three people where you’re going and when you will be back,” Wuest says. “We definitely recommend folks that are interested in it come try something like St. Mary’s Adventure Tour because it’s a great way to experience a wild cave trip for folks that have no experience in it and are interested in giving it a try.”

Reservations are open if you would like to go on the tour. For more information, click here.


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