With a population of 1.7 million, Montreal is Canada’s second-most populous city. It’s known for its many attractions and global events, including Formula One’s Canadian Grand Prix, the Montreal International Jazz Festival, and the world’s largest comedy festival. It’s a thriving cultural hub visited by millions every year. This article will highlight some of the best activities to do in the evening in this wonderful city.

Turbo Haüs

If you’re looking for a great night out in Montreal, look no further than Turbo Haüs. This thriving bar offers quality drinks and great music in its cosy and intimate venue. Acts from all over flocking to this popular club. Turbo Haüs’ new expansion adds a café, restaurant, and improved accommodation for bands. With the promise of better facilities for the artists, you can expect bigger and better acts queueing to play here.

Magic Palace Montreal

Magic Palace is one of Montreal’s most popular entertainment hubs for lovers of gaming and casinos. Magic Palace is the perfect location for a great night out, with a restaurant, bar, and an impressive collection of slots, table games, and more. With over 400 Electronic Gaming devices, the latest games, and great atmosphere, the casino provides an unmatched Vegas-style experience. If you’re not in Montreal, there are plenty of top-quality gaming experiences, like those of the Magic Palace that can be found online, like at a live casino Canada, where all your favourite games can be played in Canada or around the world.

L’Axe du Mal

Montreal’s L’Axe du Mal (“the axis of evil”) is a group of four establishments at Saint-Denis Street and Mont-Royal Avenue’s nightlife centre. These venues make for a great night of bar-hopping, and each offers a unique music experience, so you’re guaranteed to find something to suit your needs. La Rockette is a dance club that sits upstairs and specialises in classic rock, rockabilly, and music from the 50s to the 80s. Meanwhile, Quai Des Burnes is home to Francophone indie rockers, singer-songwriters, and folk musicians. Pow Pow offers a nightclub experience, while L’Escogriffe is a more intimate rock venue.

Ausgang Plaza

Finally, we have Ausgang Plaza, a centralised hub for all things art in Montreal. This multifunctional space in Rosemont offers a 4,500-square-foot area for everything from film screenings, sound art installations, live music performances, DJ sets, clothing line launches, and much more. It has a youthful, fashionable clientele, and you can expect a relaxed vibe and bohemian focus. With a capacity of 400, this non-profit organisation seeks to promote and produce initiatives that promote and encourage diverse, local culture.


These are just a few of the attractions that keep hundreds coming back to Montreal year after year. Don’t miss the chance to stargaze at the planetarium, explore Old Montreal and experience Cité Mémoire, enjoy a film at Cinéma Moderne, or indulge in some late-night poutine. Whatever your interests, Montreal has something for everyone.

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