It’s that time of year when millions of Brits head abroad for their summer holidays.

But there’s an issue: phone roaming charges are back.

Pick up a 1-month data-only SIM to avoid roaming charges abroad this summer


Pick up a 1-month data-only SIM to avoid roaming charges abroad this summer
  • Smarty data-only SIMs from £5 – buy here

Since the UK’s departure from EU, nearly every single phone network has been forced to reintroduce daily charges on any holidaymaker using their phone for data or calls.

You can to our mobile EU roaming charges page for a full list of each major provider’s roaming policies.

But there’s no need to spoil your hols by panicking about your phone bill – we’ve discovered away to keep any extra costs to a manageable minimum.

Take a look at SIM provider Smarty’s data-only SIM cards.

These are typically aimed at dongle and tablet users – devices that you don’t use for calls – but they’re perfect for when you travel.

Each plan will offer you up to 12GB of roaming data in EU countries at no extra costs – and they only last for one month, so there’s no long-term commitment.

Simply pop one of Smarty SIM’s into your phone before you jet off, and keep you typical phone plan out of use while you’re overseas.

If your data needs are minimal, you opt for the 2GB package, which costs just £5 for 1 month.

That should be more than enough for emergencies or for searching on Google Maps for routes and directions.

But there’s also a 15GB SIM plan that costs £9 – all you need to is remember to keep your usage within the 12GB limit.

This way, you can avoid two major holiday headaches: racking up an enormous phone bill and, even worse, relying on the terrible hotel wi-fi.

  • Smarty data-only SIMs from £5 – buy here

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