A little research will ensure that you find the right all-inclusive resort for your travel style and your honeymoon budget.

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When you picture a dreamy all-inclusive honeymoon, you likely think of a sprawling beachfront resort with palm trees swaying in the breeze, fruity cocktails by the ocean, and a plane ride that takes you outside of the continental U.S. And while there are hundreds of incredible all-inclusive resorts fit for an idyllic love trip scattered across the globe, the U.S. is home to a handful of its own affordable all-inclusive honeymoon resorts—and they’re actually not all about the beach.

If you do want that classic toes-in-the-sand honeymoon experience, you can certainly find that in U.S. destinations like Florida or California (you might be thinking of Hawaii, too, but this Pacific state actually doesn’t have many traditional all-inclusive options). If you’re in search of a different vibe—maybe something wellness-focused or adventure-forward—look to destinations like Montana, Minnesota, Arizona, or New England, where the varied range of experiences can be just as romantic as the beach.

Here, find our top tips for choosing the U.S. inclusive-resorts” data-ylk=”slk:all-inclusive honeymoon;elm:context_link;itc:0″ class=”link “>all-inclusive honeymoon resort that is right for you, your travel style, and your honeymoon budget.

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Understand Your Definition of Affordable

Just like with any travel experience, you’ll want to come to an understanding about how you define the term affordable—because it means something different to everyone. By industry standards in the U.S., an affordable all-inclusive resort falls somewhere in the $300 to $400 range for a nightly rate. But keep in mind that what’s included in this nightly rate will vary from resort to resort; some include everything (airfare, food, alcohol, amenities, accommodations), so a higher nightly rate in that situation would be more acceptable, while others don’t include certain things like WIFi or alcohol. Once you have a solid understanding of what your nightly rate range is, you can begin to look at resort options.

Make a List of Priorities

Next up: Determine your priorities. Some resorts are adults-only, while others are not. Some include airfare in the all-inclusive rate, some include alcoholic beverages—others don’t include either of these things. Before you sit down to do the destination-specific research, make a list of your priorities and let that guide you to finding the right resort; you’ll discover that you can cross off options easily if you know, for example, that an adults-only experience is a non-negotiable.

Keep in mind that there aren’t as many traditional all-inclusive resorts in the U.S. as there are in popular all-inclusive destinations like Mexico or the Caribbean. However, many non-all-inclusive hotels or resorts offer specials from time to time that yield a booking option similar to a traditional all-inclusive experience, so if you find a hotel that you love, be sure to check the website or inquire about package deals that may give you more bang for your buck.

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Consider Peak Dates

One of the best ways to score a lower nightly rate at your all-inclusive resort of choice is by seeking out off-peak dates. If you’re traveling somewhere like New England, where rates will soar in the summertime, consider a shoulder season like late spring or early fall to snag a big discount. Similarly, if you’re hoping for a beachfront getaway in Florida, don’t book during the peak winter season and instead opt for late fall.

Decide on Your Destination

You’ve settled on a budget, you’ve listed out your priorities and non-negotiables, and now it’s time to pick a U.S. honeymoon location. Below, find a few of our top-choice resorts in various U.S. destinations that offer affordable all-inclusive honeymoon experiences.


For a timeless honeymoon experience on the beach, we’ll direct you to Florida, of course! With two coastlines and a smattering of islands boasting pristine beaches, honeymooners will find tons of options from Palm Beach to the Gulf Coast to the Keys.

Where to Book: Sandpiper Bay Resort


With sprawling mountain ranges, sparkling lakes, and ample opportunity for all sorts of outdoor activities, Big Sky Country has been having a real moment—and for those who love being surrounded by nature, it’s an incredibly romantic destination for your honeymoon. Whether you want a ranch-style honeymoon or want to cozy up at a ski resort, there are a handful of all-inclusive resorts across Montana that could be the perfect fit for your love trip.

Where to Book: 320 Guest Ranch


If dramatic red rocks, sunrise hikes through striking canyons and the desert, and abundant wellness experiences appeal to you for your romantic getaway, look no further than Arizona. With mild temperatures for a good portion of the year, Arizona is considered a year-round destination, though if you head there in the summer when temperatures are very high, you might score great nightly rates.

Where to Book: Arizona Biltmore


Stunning year-round, Vermont is an idyllic New England destination with romantic experiences across all four seasons. Whether you’re hoping to hit the slopes in the winter, experience the slow ease (and mild prices) into spring, the lushness of summer, or the delightful fall foliage, opting for an all-inclusive stay in this beautiful northeastern state is an especially good choice for couples who love the outdoors.

Where to Book: The Tyler Place Family Resort

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