Talk about a free-for-all that’s unfit for the entire family.

A sneaky mom is proudly boasting her latest parenting hack: Using expired wristbands from an all-inclusive resort to enjoy food and drinks and take advantage of luxe facilities with her kids — gratis.

When Roxanne Balciunas revealed that her brood visited the Ramada Hotel & Suites in Kusadasi, Aydin, Turkey, from her hometown of Sheffield, South Yorkshire, in May, she tossed her used wristbands into her travel bag.

Upon rediscovering them at a later date, she decided to book another stay in the same town on July 7 — but this time, in a cheap apartment 10 minutes away from the resort.

With the old bracelets in tow, she tried to sneak into the resort, where her mom was staying, while she and her two children, ages 13 and 6, were wearing the wristbands. To her amazement, it worked.

Now-viral TikTok footage from her lavish stay shows the family of three — who vacation together on a monthly basis, according to this mom of the year — gorging on desserts and lavish meals poolside and free of charge.

Online, she bragged about “stealing the Ramada all-inclusive.”

“Call me a thief all you like but I enjoyed my week of free food and drink,” boasted Balciunas, who is employed as a hospitality worker.

TikTok screenshot
The mom-of-two boasted about her food heist on TikTok, claiming the hotel workers didn’t check her wristbands when she entered the facilities — a security slip Balciunas and her son found “quite funny.”
Kennedy News/Roxanne Balciunas

She told Kennedy News that she had encouraged her mom to stay at the resort for the last-minute trip, and upon finding her old bands from May, began joking about the prospects of hotel crashing.

“I was just messing about, saying ‘we’ll go and eat their food,’ ” she said. “I was just joking at first to the kids, but then we did.”

She added: “I booked last minute to go and surprise her. I used the bands, and it worked.”

Meal of vegetables
The family chowed down on lavish meals while basking poolside — all for free.
Kennedy News/Roxanne Balciunas

Fries, meat, pita on plate
The mom took her two kids along for the ultimate vacation.
Kennedy News/Roxanne Balciunas

Food on a plate from hotel
She saved money by staying at a cheap apartment in the same town while frequenting the resort.
Kennedy News/Roxanne Balciunas

The enterprising mom-of-two claimed the hotel workers didn’t check her wristbands when she entered the facilities — a security slip Balciunas and her son found “quite funny.”

“I was really conscious that they’d notice — but luckily they didn’t,” she said.

As the “lucky” family embarked on the ultimate food heist, Balciunas admitted she ate more than she usually would because it was “free.”

Roxanne Balciunas
On TikTok, viewers scolded the mom for bragging about “stealing” and incriminating herself.
Kennedy News/Roxanne Balciunas

ice cream cone
The family indulged in ice cream and exquisite meals.
Kennedy News/Roxanne Balciunas

burger and fries on plate
She didn’t believe her idea would work, and was shocked that no one checked her wristband.
Kennedy News/Roxanne Balciunas

“It made it more exciting because it was free,” she said. “I think I ate more this time than I did last time when we paid.”

However, Balciunas, who complimented the “lovely” hotel, admitted she won’t be trying this again, especially after sharing the incriminating footage to TikTok, where she’s racked up quite the cheering section.

“Absolutely hilarious. Well done,” wrote one fan in the comments.

Putting wristband on
She used wristbands from her May vacation to sneak into the resort in July.
Kennedy News/Roxanne Balciunas

Roxanne lounging by pool
The family took advantage of the resort’s amenities.
Kennedy News/Roxanne Balciunas

omelettes and eggs and pancakes on plates
The mom admitted she wouldn’t try this hack again.
Kennedy News/Roxanne Balciunas

Other online viewers applauded the sly mother’s so-called “bravery,” while others scolded her for taking advantage of the resort and brazenly boasting about her fete on TikTok.

“Bloody hell — you are braver than me,” championed another.

But one critic couldn’t believe she outed herself, writing, “Why would you air yourself? Some things are better left unsaid.”

Balciunas and another person
Her mom was staying at the resort in July, giving Balciunas an excuse to visit.
Kennedy News/Roxanne Balciunas

Balciunas drinking a beer
She credited the hotel for being “lovely.”
Kennedy News/Roxanne Balciunas

“So if you can afford to go [on holiday] every month, why would you steal from the hotel like that?” scrutinized another.

“Feel sad for those people who work really hard for things and people like you just think they can cheat the system,” chided someone else.

The Post has reached out to Ramada’s parent company, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, for comment.

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