A TRAVEL expert has revealed her top tips for saving money when it comes to booking flights.

Sarah, who posts on TikTok as @millennialwealthsarah, shared key advice for anyone booking a holiday this summer.

Sarah, a travel expert, has revealed her top tips for those booking flights


Sarah, a travel expert, has revealed her top tips for those booking flightsCredit: @millennialwealthsarah via TikTok
Sarah revealed the best day to book flights when wanting to save money


Sarah revealed the best day to book flights when wanting to save moneyCredit: Alamy

In her video she said: “I have travelled in over 100 flights in four years and here’s some tips and tricks from a travel expert that you need to know.”

Sarah revealed the best day to book flights when wanting to save money.

She said: “The first one is when trying to book flights, the cheapest days to actually book a flight are Saturday and Sunday.

“Trust me – check online, check Aer Lingus, check Ryanair, check Delta Airlines.

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“You’ll find that the cheapest flights are actually on Saturday and Sunday.”

Next, Sarah tells her followers which day they should aim to fly on if they want to travel cheap.

In the clip she said: “The cheapest day to actually fly is a Tuesday – check online.”

Finally, she recommends what time those travelling should book their flights at.

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She said: “The cheapest times to book a flight is between 6am and 12.”

Users took to the comments to praise the useful advice given, with one person saying: “Completely agree. The earlier the flight the cheaper it is.”

Another user commented: “Thanks for sharing… useful information.”

A third person agreed, saying: “So my learning is when your dates are flexible to book Tuesday flights on the weekend? I can do that.”

For those travelling, flying can be a long and often uncomfortable experience.

Thankfully chiropractor and health expert Pascal Markey has a handy solution – and it’s free!

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Posting to TikTok as @pascalmchiro, he shared a useful tutorial on how to make your own pillow using only a hoodie.

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The cheapest day to fly is on a Tuesday, Sarah revealedCredit: @millennialwealthsarah via TikTok

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