INTERNET users have at last discovered one of the cleverest Android hacks for vacationing abroad.

The simple smartphone tweak has given travelers an effortless way to save time and chip away at cultural and linguistic barriers.

This one Android feature can save your travels to unknown destinationsandroid-logo-seen-738337596.jpg?w=1440 1440w, 1860w, 1340w, 1920w, 2480w” bad-src=”data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg xmlns="" viewBox="0 0 1.5 1"%3E%3C/svg%3E”/>


This one Android feature can save your travels to unknown destinationsCredit: Getty
Your phone's camera has a translation tool with over 25 languages


Your phone’s camera has a translation tool with over 25 languagesCredit: Getty

The next time you’re in a place where you don’t speak the local language, you can use your Android camera to translate foreign text in real-time, said.

Google’s Translate app can decipher more than 25 languages just by passing the lens over text.

To use this feature, make sure Google Translate is downloaded onto your device.

If it is not in the preloaded array of apps on your phone, you can find it in the Google Play Store and hit install.

Within the app, there will be a language selection tool in the top left corner.

On the opposite side, the top right corner is where you identify the language you need to see the signage in.

Note that some Android models place these language selection bars on the bottom of the screen instead.

Next, hit the camera icon and point the lens right at the sign you wish to translate.

A translation of your sign in the desired language should appear on your screen over the original text.

Within the camera tool, taking a picture of the sign that you would like to translate will keep the original text in addition to allowing you to select from the list of languages to translate to and from.

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