In the United States of America, TAP increases its offer
with three more flights a week to Boston (from 11 to a total of 14 a week) and
Miami (from seven to a total of 10 a week), plus a weekly flight to Chicago and
San Francisco (an increase from four to five weekly flights) and two more weekly
frequencies to Washington, which increases from eight to ten flights per week.

As for Brazil, TAP will increase the number of flights per
week by six, with one more to Belém (for a total of four flights per week),
Belo Horizonte (seven), Brasília and Salvador (six flights per week each) and
even S. Paulo, which grows from 18 to 20 weekly flights.

The Portuguese community in Venezuela will benefit from one
more flight per week to Caracas, for a total of three weekly flights.

Tel Aviv, in Israel, will have a daily flight next summer,
which corresponds to two more flights per week than in the summer of 2022.

Faro now has one more flight a day to Lisbon, increasing to
four daily flights, and schedules have been optimised, so that connections to
flights to and from the main tourist destination markets, such as the USA or
Brazil, are “ faster and more comfortable for passengers, making the
destination even more competitive and accessible”, says the company, in a

Also the island of Porto Santo, in Madeira, is once again
served with a direct flight per day.

TAP also presents two new seasonal summer destinations in
the Balearic Islands, Palma de Mallorca (six flights a week) and Menorca, with
four flights a week, which join Ibiza, which returns to the offer of
destinations this summer, with an increase from five to seven flights a week.

Finally, other seasonal routes offered during the summer by
TAP, such as Naples and Tangiers, will also be resumed.

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