A town in southern Alberta has been named one of the best places to live in the country and it’s the sole spot to make the cut in western Canada.

The 2023 list from live-in-canada/”>Moving Waldo focuses on three main criteria for determining the rankings. First up is safety (based on the crime rate), then there’s affordability, and finally, access to recreational facilities and parks.

High River was ranked #8 on the list, moving up two spots from #10 on the list’s ranking in 2022, and was awarded for its tranquillity and outdoorsy culture.

Moving Waldo

The town also found itself on the list thanks to it being one of the cheapest places to live in Alberta and also having a low crime rate.

Moving Waldo also pointed to High River hosting annual events all year round, but it is particularly known for its old-fashioned outdoor parade during Christmas festivities as the entire town lights up. The city has many craft fairs, art studios, and galleries.

Here’s the full ranking of the best places to live in Canada right now:

  1. Edmundston, New Brunswick
  2. Saguenay, Quebec
  3. Levis, Quebec
  4. Deep River, Ontario
  5. Trenton, Nova Scotia
  6. Quebec City, Quebec
  7. Thetford Mines, Quebec
  8. High River, Alberta
  9. Barrie, Ontario
  10. Wellington County, Ontario

Edmonton was also just named one of the best places to live in Canada. We love to see Alberta racking up the recognition!

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