The white noise machine you never knew you had.

<p>Kirill Ikonnikov/Getty Images</p>

Kirill Ikonnikov/Getty Images

For those who have trouble falling asleep while traveling, the key to solid shut-eye in new surroundings can be found in your iPhone.

A post recently shared by parenting Instagram account PregnantChicken unearths what troubled sleepers may have been needing all along — a white noise feature on iPhones 6S or newer, or running on a iOS15 or newer system.

“Perfect for sleep, unexpected naps on the go, or just drowning out sounds you’d rather not hear, this feature offers up 6 different sounds that play continuously until you turn them off,” the social media user shared while demonstrating how to find the feature.

To do so, go to Settings, Accessibility, Accessibility Shortcut and select Background Sounds.

“Depending on the model of your phone, you’ll then be able to triple click either your side button or your home button and turn the white noise feature on or off quickly and easily,” the Instagram narrator added.

Not only is this hack a cost saver, as white noise machines are an added expense, Bruce D. Forman, PhD, member of the Society of Behavioral Sleep Medicine, and insomnia specialist tells Travel + Leisure that the built-in device can be helpful to those who have trouble sleeping.

“Whether at home or traveling white noise is beneficial for sleep,” he said. “White noise can mask intrusive and annoying sounds that make it difficult to fall asleep, especially during the light sleep stage, which accounts for about 50% of sleep time for most adults. Using white noise regularly can help entrain the brain to associate gentle sounds with sleep.”

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